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Standing Still

August 22nd, 2017 at 03:43 pm

Unemployment was denied. I am appealing. It stinks when the system's safety net fails you. It took a month for them to deny me and even though I filled appeal right away, the appeal court probably won't be scheduled for a month plus. Sigh.

I have applied to jobs, have had quite a few phone call interviews and a handful of in-person. No results yet. I am told my resume and interviewing are great, but that they are pursuing other candidates.

Summer session for my Masters is done, I have a scholarship for a class-worth this fall and I will be getting student loans for the other class. It should help temporary cash-flow while I am waiting for unemployment and a job.

Other than that, trying to keep spending down, but I was already doing that. I have had some of my personal loans out to family come back and should be getting the rest within the next three months. Whew.