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401K question

July 29th, 2017 at 04:01 pm

Now that I am unemployed, and all that goes with it, I am really wondering what I should do with my 401K. I just got my statement and it is $26k with some change with MassMutual. Should I leave it? Roll it over to an IRA? Wait for a new job that will hopefully have a retirement plan?

I have been debating on rolling over it to Capital One's ShareBuilder since then most of my accounts are in one place and I will see it more frequently. It would be the "easiest", but probably not the smartest?

I honestly have very little interest in actively managing stocks, as it is knowledge I am not interested in and I am horrendous at gambling/risk taking type things.

I know I do need to learn more, and I will, but my brain cannot take on more knowledge right now. I am out of time as it is between the kid's therapies, my schooling, job hunts, and trying to keep the household together.

Any thoughts? Helpful articles?

Job Hunting

July 14th, 2017 at 06:50 pm

Well, I am officially unemployed. It is a good thing, strangely enough. I already have an interview set up next week and a few other leads. I don't expect to be unemployed for long.

My biggest hope is that I can FINALLY be employed in a steady income at the pay my skills deserve. I have been underpaid my whole career life due to a) not negotiating because I hate negotiations, b)being part of a family business, and c) too nice and too flexible.

So... on that note, any great advice on how to stick to my guns on salary? I have a number in my head I really, really would like to obtain. However, I am afraid that next week's interview is going to come in $15/hour lower than that, and that is too low to make it worthwhile to work and take my time away from my boys and their therapies.

Feeling good about my interview skills and my general job skills. I think I even have fall schedule figured out so that the boys' weekday care will be simplified and not too taxing. Cross fingers!