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Short Update

October 13th, 2016 at 12:13 pm

Thank you, everyone, for your kind notes on my last post. I missed this community. You guys are awesome.

There is so much going on; it's crazy. Divorce wrecks havoc like no other. Besides juggling kids, their therapies, work and divorce negotiations... Lawyers are expensive. Two households are expensive. Not yet getting child support is expensive. So until the divorce is finalized, I am going to have a good chunk of credit card debt. I am at peace with that and have opened a new 0% credit card with a low balance transfer fee to pay off my old credit cards. I am keeping my spending low. Not being as frugal as I should, but working hard at it.

The silver lining is that once the divorce is finalized early next year, I should be able to knock debt out of the park and start building up my savings. I cannot wait to have a decent sized EF (since there is only me now!), put in the full amount to HSA, and start really tackling retirement fund! It will be awesome!

I think the most annoying thing so far is that I have no clue what debt and assets I will be left with, so I cannot start to plan the debt payoff. Sigh. Patience. I do think that regardless with what I end up with, the boys and I will still be ok. Life is good.