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Ready for Summer

March 18th, 2017 at 02:25 pm

February is always rough. This year was absolutely one of the worst financially. Cross fingers, though, I think things are starting to stabilize this month. I am not even going to go into how far backward I went. Trying to focus on positive and move on. I might (should) come clean later.

I have started my part time job. It will be good for me. I think bringing in a little bit more money than normal is just the beginning of the benefits. I also get to make people smile and be productive in a work environment. It is a nice change. Extra training also meant extra pay at the start which was a relief.

I noticed that I am judging all my purchases by the hours I would need to work the part time job to pay for it. I have spent practically nothing this month. Realizing things would cost x hours both sucks and is great. I really like hourly wages over salary. Changes my whole mindset.

Which brings me to my very, very, very little spending this month. About $30 in gas, $9 in dining out, and $75 in households which over $60 was medicines and supplements (still sick). I haven't even grocery shopped yet in March as I had stocked up in Feb and my parents quick picked up a few (milk and pretzels) things I needed. I will need to go this weekend, though.

Even though February was rough, I think I personally am in a good spot. If I keep on this path, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can do it!